It is the recommended selling price per unit to stay within a profitable range.

It is the maximum land value to pay to stay within a profitable range.

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By simply changing the input values such as the number, the size and the selling price of the proposed units.

Feasreport automatically calculates acquisition costs, construction costs and professional fees. It also, calculates demolition, landscaping, marketing and selling costs as well. Additionally, it calculates the recommended selling price of the proposed units.

Once you nominate the council, the system will automatically calculate all the correct duties and taxes.

The estimated costs are very accurate and are based on industry standards which get updated regularly.

Although, Feasreport software is tailored to residential developments only, it can be customised for specific projects.

The recent sales feature presents properties sold, by distance and date and it readjusts the list depending on the entered address.

We provide a Site Finder Service at a monthly subscription where you get up to 5 fully researched opportunities per month. To see a sample Site Finder property report please click here